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Graphic DesignWelcome to Blur!'s home page!

This page is here to provide you with useful information and to let you know the current staus of Blur!.


Feb. 28 2002 - Dcsteve -New forums are now up!

Feb. 8 2002 - Dcsteve -Hairybudda has released an offical statement "Now, i know you all want blur! Its up to skizzy and dcsteve to keep the site or whatever up. Ive worked my balls off over this, and i have nothing decent to show, and now im looking at it from a different perspective. I see my board has just attracted hype ( which i dont want ) and flames (which i also dont want ). Im tired of having to give excuses for why its late and plop, so im gonna remove my self from from the whole hyping. Im no longer giving status updates, im no longer giving progress reports or anything. When i release it i will release it. And thats it, i knew from the beginning this was gonna take more time than i thought it would, but i thought i could beat it. But i havent, so until i release it, im not releasing anything officially about blur!"

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