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[ This site is now closed. DcSteve@ Dec 10 2004]
Due to inactivity, this site is now closed, please contact me if you wish to continue it.

[ Bagman and Pengo Mamedc Released! DcSteve@ Jul 07 2003]
Metafox has done it again. He released two more games based off the new source codes. The games are Bagman and Pengo! You can download this in the download section or from Metafox's Site.

[ MAME .71 Source Ported to Dreamcast! DcSteve@ Jul 07 2003]
Warmtoe has now ported MAME .71 to dreamcast. This release is just the sourcecode so you will need to compile it with the MAME PC source like the last release. You can download this release in the download section under the "Mame For Dreamcast Sources" title.

[ Popeye MAMEDC build 2 Released! DcSteve@ Jul 07 2003]
Metafox has released a second build of Popeye because the first build had flickering problems. Those problems are now fixed. This game runs nicely for a first build! You can download this in the download section or from Metafox's Site.

[ Popeye MAMEDC from .70 Source Released! DcSteve@ Jul 06 2003]
Metafox has released the first compiled MAMEDC game based off the .70 source code released by warmtoe. This game is popeye. This game runs nicely for a first build! You can download this in the download section or from Metafox's Site.

[ MAME .70 Sourecode Ported to dreamcast! DcSteve@ Jul 05 2003]
Warmtoe has ported MAME .70 to dreamcast! Warmtoe states that when this source is unzipped ontop of the standard MAME v0.70 source (available from http://www.mame.net), it gives you a build environment for the DC.
In other words, getting these 2 downloads and putting them into your DC cross-compilation environment should allow you to build copies of MAME.
This is a *delta* ontop of the MAME distribution.
You can download the dreamcast MAME sourcecode in the
Download Section under the "MAME for Dreamcast Source Codes" topic!

[ Rastan Mame Arcade DC! DcSteve@ Jun 16 2003]
Warmtoe has ported Rastan MAME to Dreamcast. The gameplay speed and sound options can be changed around to find the best results. You can download the Self Boot Inducer (2.0) image in the download section!

[ Double Dragon Mame DC Released! DcSteve@ Jun 13 2003]
Double Dragon Mame Dc has been released by Warmtoe. The game plays nicely under proper settings (0,0,0,2,0,3,0,0,0,1,0,60,60). Sound is slow and is currently being worked on. You can download this release in the download section.

[ TMNT Arcade DC Updated! DcSteve@ Jun 13 2003]
Reaper2k has released 2 new versions of the TMNT Arcade Mame Game for dreamcast. These releases have everything he's worked on for the last part of the year. They support 2 player only, as he still has bugs in his control code. The first release is called this TMNTSGA1. Sound and speed are really nice. The sound is better than his last version. It's slightly less smooth, but you will see miles a head of the last version in terms of balance, and It's SBI friendly. The slowdown is gone in these releases also. TMNTSGA2 is another update of the last version. Sound is slightly downgraded, and it is a PVR driver, not dma as reaper would like to write his own driver for that. What this means is the screen is stretched and smoother to the eye. 2 players works also, and is better than the first amazing release and it is .SBI friendly. You can find the updates in a special new zip format at IMRTECH OR you can download both of these releases in one conviently and regularly zipped file in the download section!

[ Cadillacs and Dinosaurs updated! DcSteve@ Jun 13 2003]
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Arcade DC has been updated to support multiplayer gameplay! You can grab this release from IMRTECH or you can get it locally at the download page.

[ Xmen And Vendetta Arcade Dc Released! DcSteve@ Jun 13 2003]
Warmtoe has released a new build of Xmen Arcade DC and Vendetta- Crime Fighters 2 Arcade Dc. Each support different version romsets. There are still some speed and sound issues. But both releases are completely playable and are optimizable. On the subject of settings, color mode should always be set to 0, that is the default value for any game. 6 uses the DC specific graphics mode Warmtoe introduced which is a lot quicker, but messy (doesn't use a palette). This really shows on Vendetta, so even though the default value in the settings is set to 6, 0 will give you the right look. You can grab both of these releases in the
download page.

[ Simpsons Mame Arcade Dc Release 1 IS HERE!!! DcSteve@Wednesday-May-28-2003]
Warmtoe has figured out a way to get simpsons the arcade game MAME to work on dreamcast. Warmtoe has released a Selfboot Inducer file which is not optimized but it works at nice speeds with sound off, and nicer speeds with pvr DMA on. You will be pleased to hear however that Reaper and Warmtoe are collaborating on this one. Warmtoe sent him the required source changes and he's going to try and push up the speed. Warmtoe also asked reaper to send him the speedups he puts in, so warmtoe can incorporate them into his build. Multiplayer mode works perfect with all 4 players.Push left then right on the d-pad to get past the "press ok", and To insert coins, simply push start + up. You can download this release at the download page!
[ Warmtoe Releases Neo-Maim(MAME) 2.82! DcSteve@Tuesday-May-27-2003]
Warmtoe released Neo-Maim(MAME) 2.82 in the 2.7 forum topic at
dcemulation. Many people overlooked this release so that is why im placing it here. New in this release are config files (so you can make a single game version if you want and override the default config for a game). It also uses underclocking of emulated CPUs but this is not optimized - if you burn it have a play with the CPUx Speed values and see what settings (for CPUs 0 and 1) give you the best performance. You can download this release at the download page!
[ Wonder Boy Arcade DC DcSteve@Monday-May-26-2003]
Wonderboy is a popular side-scroller adventure game. It has been ported to dreamcast by reaper, and features smooth gameplay and sound. There are some graphical errors on the title screen, other then that, theres no other problems. You can download this from
IMR Technology and it will be mirrored in the download page soon.
[ Cadillacs & Dinosaurs Arcade DC DcSteve@Sunday-May-25-2003]
This is the new single game arcade game from reaper, this time it's the Capcom side scrolling beat 'em up based on the short lived early 90's cartoon, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. The game plays near 90-100% without sound, and is playable at about 79-90% with sound. (As you may or may not be aware, games do slow down when more graphics are present). You can download Cadillacs & Dinosaurs Arcade from
IMR Technology and it will be mirrored in the download page soon.
[ Website Reopened + Warmtoe Releases Neo-Maim(MAME) 2.7! DcSteve@Saturday-May-24-2003]
Dreamgamer has kindly given me hosting space to reopen the unofficial american Mamed Website. The purpose of this site is for people to download or retrieve information on any Mame for Dreamcast releases that exist. Warmtoe released a new version of Neo-Maim a few weeks back which has a beautiful new GUI and contains many other new features such as sound. You can download this and many other releases at the
download page!
[ Reaper2k2 Download Page Open DcSteve@Saturday-February-15-2003]
Reaper2k2, the creater of many great MAME's for dreamcast and other emu ports, has decided to quit the dcemulation scene in the past due to several issues placed apon him by different members of the dcemulation forums. Reaper decided to delete everything he had on his old site which is now preserved here. I recovered whatever I could and decided to preserve his old site until he decides to re-releases his work on his
current site for his releases. Please visit Reaper's Download Page for more information.
[ System 16 MAME EMU FOR DC Beta 1 DcSteve@Saturday-February-01-2003]
Reaper2k2 never stops bringing in the fun. This release is a System 16 MAME emulator for dreamcast which runs several old sega arcade games ranging from golden axe to shinobi. Sound is great in all the games it supports however not all games run at full speed. I have included the IP.BIN for this release. Pick it up in the Download Section or at Reaper2k2's Site.
[ RYGAR MAMED BETA 2 FINAL! DcSteve@Monday-January-06-2003]
Reaper2k2 has finished updating his release of Rygar MAME for dreamcast. This release features good sound which was fixed by warmtoe, and is close to 100% speed. Also screen positioning is fixed perfectly and antialias is supported! This release only works with it with (US set 1) Rygar rom. Also enjoy the brand new splash screens and menus! You can pick this release up in the Download Section! This release is also available at Reaper2k2's Site.
[ NEW MAMED RELEASES AND SINGLE PACKS DcSteve@Sunday-December-22-2002]
Reaper2k2 released a few different MAME games for DC. These games are: Bubble Bobble, Rygar, Solomons Key, and Zerowing. These releases have various different speeds from 50%-100% and have been edited to fix screen problems and such from the official MAMED packs. You can download these releases from Reaper's site.
[ NEO-GEO MAIM(MAME) UPDATED for Dreamcast! DcSteve@Thursday-November-21-2002]
Warmtoe, has released his latest build of Neo-Geo MAME for DC. Speed has greatly improved, expecially with frameskip ZERO, no SOUND and default settings (press Y in the menu for default values). It can get around 70% speed out of Andro Donut (warmtoe's test game) and more out of Viewpoint which runs over 100% at some points and about 80% most of the time. This version features many options (it's far too confusing at the moment and the interface is a real mess) but the default values are NOT the fastest ones, using PVRDMA speeds things up for example. More changes include, Modifiying the M68000 emulation to speed it up (this benefits other emulation in MAME).He Added PVRDMA support to speed things up and added many other options to try and improve things, like test theories etc... This build also allows for many selectable video modes Color andmode forcing - which actually makes a big performance difference! This version is much faster with more compatibility. Pick it up in the Download Section!
[ Ping-Pong MAME UPDATED for Dreamcast! DcSteve@Monday-October-28-2002]
Reaper2k2, released his 2nd build of Ping-Pong Mame for Dreamcast. This build features full speed and sound. Reportedly, this build is over 100% speed and sound. You can pick it up from his site, and it is also available in the Download Section!
[ Neo-Geo MAIM(MAME) Updated! DcSteve@Monday-October-21-2002]
Warmtoe, has updated his build of Neo-Geo MAME for DC. THis version is much faster with more compatibility. Sound is working but slows things down. You can pick up his new release at the Download Section!
[ Ping-Pong MAME for Dreamcast! DcSteve@Saturday-October-19-2002]
Reaper2k2, optimized and compiled Ping-Pong Mame for Dreamcast. This first build features full speed. Sound is not supported yet. You can pick it up from his site, and it is also available in the Download Section!
[ Welcome Reaper2k2- Pacmania MAME for Dreamcast! DcSteve@Sunday-October-13-2002]
Reaper2k2 ,a new devver for the Dreamcast MAME scene, has opened up his site today! It contains his first build of Pacmania MAME for Dreamcast. The current build does not support sound and is about 70% speed. You can pick up this release at his site. You can also it up from the Download Section!
UPDATE- THESE ARE NOT NEW RELEASES! Emuxer Just mirrored them from Surine's site, sorry for any trouble!
Emuxer has created a site which has many MAME for Dreamcast releases compiled in packs from the MAME v37b15dc sourcecode. This site also has compatibility reports on the releases which are given by pack and rom. Each rom or group of roms have notes on performance, speed, speed without sound , Screen orientation, recommended resolution and notes on the game. There are 16 packs to download ranging from Namco to Neogeo. All of the releases are unoptimized (no frameskip) and are in .KLF format. For info on how to burn those packs, and downloads, please visit The MAMED v37b15 Compatibility Site!
[ Exidy MAIM With LightGun Support! DcSteve@Thursday-October03-2002]
Warmtoe has released a new MAME for dreamcast called Exidy MAIM. Exidy MAIM is an emulator that emulates a few gun games based on the Exidy440 driver. Those gun games support use of the Dreamcast Lightgun. No sound yet and gameplay is slow. You can download the zipped binary in the
Download Section!
[ Neo-Geo Maim Released DcSteve@Thursday-August15-2002]
Warmtoe has released a neo-geo MAME emulator for dreamcast which currently plays games that are about 5mb and smaller. It contains full sound support and bi-linear filtering. I have uploaded Nero and Discjuggler images which are available in the download section.Thanx to Terrorshocked for creating these images.
[ Halt on MAMECAST DcSteve@Wednesday-July25-2002]
John Cabrer stated on his site that he will halt all dreamcast projects including MAMECAST until he finishes moving and establishes a new job.
[ !!!!MAMECAST!!! DcSteve@Wednesday-June26-2002]
John Cabrer has started a project on MAMECAST. It will be a port of MAME060 to dreamcast! Today, he opened up his site which offers a unfinished frontend and unfinished source to MAMECAST! Visit his site here! I have also posted the link in the links section at the bottom of this page!
[ NEO-GEO MAME for Dreamcast Uploaded! DcSteve@Tuesday-June25-2002]
Today, I have finally been able to upload all releases locally, and a mirror is not required! HyperGamer has compiled an UNTESTED build of NEO-GEO MAME FOR DREAMCAST from the MAME32JP-DC Source, that supports(does not mean they work) many games up to king of fighters 2000(untested)! I have scrambled it and uploaded it locally. You can pick it up at the
Download Section!
[ MAME32JP for Dreamcast Source Uploaded! DcSteve@Tuesday-June25-2002]
HyperGamer has generously uploaded the MAME32JP-DC Sourcecode locally. You can pick it up in the Download Section!
[ MAME32JP for DC! Sourcecode Released! DcSteve@Monday-June24-2002]
Sisei has just released his sourcecode of MAME32JP for dreamcast! Visit his site to pick it up. I will upload the sourcecode to the sources in the download section later today!
[ Programmer needs help- MAME060 for DC! DcSteve@Monday-June24-2002]
Jcabrer is looking for some help in reviewing some code for the current MAME's for dreamcast to create an all new MAME060 port to dc. He already created a great looking frontend which he ripped from Dan Potter's GhettoPlay example. Take a look at his post.
[ MAME32JP for DC?! DcSteve@Friday-June21-2002]
Sisei mentioned MAME32JP for dreamcast on his site, and has posted 3 screenshots of menu screens. Take a look here!
[ New Duckhunt, MarioBros and PuyoPuyo Screenshots on MAME for DC! DcSteve@Friday-June14-2002]
Sisei has posted some NEW screenshots of Duckhunt, MarioBros, and PuyoPuyo running on his build on MAME for DC. I will add those puyopuyo screenshots to the puyopuyo download page. There is no release of Duckhunt or MarioBros yet. Go to check them out here!
[Space Harrier And Outrun Screenshots on MAME for DC! DcSteve@Tuesday-June11-2002]
Sisei has posted some screenshots of Space Harrier and Outrun running on his build on MAME for DC. Go to check them out here!
[Capcom System Emulator with sound fixed, Xevious, and PuyoPuyo Released! DcSteve@Saturday-June8-2002]
Sisei has released another fixed version of Cps Mame for Dreamcast. This time, sound is fixed. He also released xevious and puyopuyo MAME's for Dreamcast with sound and ported/compiled from the Latest PC MAME Source(version .60). All of these releases are available from his site in .elf format OR You can download them all here in binary format from the Available Games section!-NOTE- At the moment, I suggest you use the download mirror!


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